Kung Fu

Kung Fu in reality means “refined skill acquired from hard work” even though it has become synonymous with both traditional and modern styles of Chinese Martial Arts, wich are called Mo Seut / Wu Shu (Cantonese and Mandarin, respectively). Martial Arts have been practiced in China for as long as 4 millennia!
A great amount of physical training and patience is required to be able to do what a Master of Martial Arts can do. But it is important to remember that mental training is also an important part of Kung Fu. A balanced mind will improve and help further develop physical ability and function as well as strength and speed.

The style we practice is called Nam Siu Lam Ng Ying Kuen, meaning Southern Shaolin Five Forms Boxing. It is a complete system of Traditional Chinese Martial Arts that hails from the southern regions of China. Our style is based both on empty hand and weapons combat and it is characterized by quick and powerful strikes, low stances and low kicks. We practice forms (longer sequences of movements designed for many different purposes), paired and group drills, basic techniques and combine this with fitness training and calisthenics.

Our philosophy is that the outcome of combat is often decided at close range and therefore we focus on short and powerful techniques aimed at the most sensitive parts of our attackers body. Quick and devastating hand techniques are combined with swift footwork and kicks are often low and aimed at our attackers feet and knees.

Southern Shaolin Five Forms Boxing is based on so called Animal Boxing styles and our main focus is on the classic Five Animals of Kung Fu, meaning Tiger, Dragon, Crane, Snake and Leopard. These styles were born when monks observed different animal behaviour and combat skills, which led to the creation of techniques inspired from these different animals. Among other animal styles that we use in our system are Monkey, Eagle, Horse and Bull. Each animal style has a unique approach to moving, attacking and defending and therefore we can learn to understand and use our bodies in many different ways. It is also important for us to not abuse our body but instead practice in a way that maintains our mobility and health to help us lead a long and happy life.



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