Our Association – T.I.A.

Tran Loi Minh Qi Gong Kung Fu International Association

Our Grandmaster – Dai Si – is Tran Loi Minh
He resides in Paris and as keeper of our style he often travels the world to represent and spread knowledge about his rare Art, which is one of the few surviving complete systems of Martial and Healing Arts.

Our club in Malmö is part of Tran Loi Minh Qi Gong Kung Fu International Association (T.I.A.) through it’s swedish branch T.I.A. Sweden. We are one of the largest associations here and we have many clubs all over Sweden.
T.I.A. headquarters are in Paris, France and the association is represented in Portugal and Sweden by his disciples.
Dai Si visits us regularly during the year to teach and spend time with his students.
All students within the association are welcome to meet Dai Si Tran Loi Minh and participate in his seminars, this is something we wholeheartedly encourage! These seminars are a truly inspiring and unforgettable experience!
Read more on our association in Sweden on http://tia-sweden.org/

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